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(Pocket-lint) - The gold version of the iPhone 5S (or champagne as some like to call it) is driving a serious price bubble on eBay.

The high prices follow limited availability of the gold version of the iPhone 5S worldwide, with several Apple Stores receiving very few units of the coloured phone on launch day. This left a lucky few got their hands on the gold. 

We've seen people sell and buy gadgets at high prices before, but this time doesn't really compare. The highest eBay auction we've seen so far just ended at $10,000, with one lucky seller from Connecticut netting some serious cash just for selling a smartphone. Another auction offers three gold iPhone 5S in a bundle for $4,600. Compare the high prices to the $199 on-contract the iPhone 5S sells for. 

Last week, Wall Street Journal reported Apple has asked suppliers to ramp up supply of the gold-coloured iPhone. Perhaps Apple wasn't expecting the new colour option to be as popular as it is. We spoke with several customers waiting in line to buy the iPhone 5S on Friday, almost all of which indicated the gold option was their top choice.

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Of course, if you want real gold on your iPhone, you'll need to shell out $2,850 for Gold Genie to embellish it with 24ct. gold. 

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 23 September 2013.