It's official EE has the best 4G network in London.

The tests, carried out by Pocket-lint in a variety of locations in London, show that against O2 and Vodafone, EE has the best upload and download speeds of the three in the capital.

However as soon as you start to leave London and head for the suburbs, EE's excellent coverage while still good, starts to wane against "the big red" and "the big blue".

For the tests we used three identical Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones with SIMs supplied by O2, Vodafone, and EE, and went to a number of different locations to see what the results would be. We started at the icon of telecommunications: the BT Tower.

During the tests we tested Three's HSDPA+ network as well and found it still to be very fast, which is good news ahead of the network's own 4G rollout later this year.

EE, which has been running a 4G network in the UK for the longest, achieved a massive 60mbit/s download speed in some locations, which is incredibly fast. The network also routinely achieved around 30-40mbit/s download speeds in our tests which is faster than most home broadband.

Vodafone and O2's strength is clearly outside the city centre. EE was much much slower in Surbiton, for example.

Will EE be able to keep its new crown in the months to come? We are going to keep a track of things and revisit it all later in the year.

Let us know your experiences with Vodafone, EE, and O2's 4G coverage in the capital and beyond in the comments below.