(Pocket-lint) - Chirp is now available on iPhone and Android, allowing users to share files between devices using only sound.

The clever app converts photos, links and notes into short bursts of digital birdsong-like sound that can be played on your mobile. Anyone else with Chirp is able to listen and receive that data over the airwaves. It's a bit like Shazam but instead of listening to music it listens out for other Chirps which translate into data.

It sounds a bit niche but imagine how easy it will be to share now. No need to pair the devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even NFC, just play the sound while the other person listens. Imagine sending encoded messages to your friend, or sharing photos with a whole group instantly.


No doubt Chirp will catch on and inspire all sorts of clever new ways to use it. Like QR codes, that crop up all over the place nowadays, we can imagine chirps being played over the radio and public announcement systems. Artists could conceivably even hide chirped photos and messages in songs.

For example this is what pocket-lint.com looks like as a Chirp:


Chirp is free to download on iPhone and Android. Give it a try and let us know what you think on Twitter.

Writing by Luke Edwards.