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(Pocket-lint) - Pretty Green is a men's fashion brand that has seen a rapid rise in popularity since its formation just a few years ago. Founded by ex-Oasis and now Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher, it has become a major rival to traditional men's casual clothing brands, such as Fred Perry and Ted Baker.

The whole collection, which is refreshed every two seasons, is heavily influenced by 60s and Mod fashion, with tie-ins with Paul Weller and The Who in the past and while you may once have seen seas of Lyle & Scott and Penguin Munsingwear polo shirts at festivals, Pretty Green logos are popping up on those in the know. That's why we were excited to find out that a new range of iPhone cases has hit Pretty Green stores up and down the country and online.

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The brand previously released a sole case for the iPhone 4/4S, but hasn't really dabbled in gadget accessories beyond that. Now it has taken a bigger punt by releasing three different iPhone 5 cases, all with one of Pretty Green's trademark paisley prints, but in different colour schemes.

There are Japan Paisley, Vintage Paisley and Black Paisley variants, with the former favouring blue, red and yellow tones. The vintage print is predominantly green and yellow and the black one is, well, black. They are all identical on the inside, with a soft velour lining to protect the rear and sides of the phone and the logo imprinted.

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The exterior has a matte finish so feels nice in the hand and, unlike other cases we've seen recently, the shell is purposely as thin as it can be to effectively protect the handset, yet not add too much additional girth or weight to the device. And let's be honest, these are cases to show off, not generally to safeguard an iPhone 5. There are plenty of other, cheaper cases out there that serve a more functional purpose. These are statement covers.

Pretty Green's Paisley iPhone 5 Cases are available now for £25 each from Pretty Green stores around the country and online at prettygreen.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.