Pictures have appeared online of different-coloured rubber buttons that are alleged to be from Apple's forthcoming budget iPhone 5C smartphone.

Published by the same source as many of the "leaked" casing pictures, SonnyDickson, the objects are said to be the on/off switch, volume and mute buttons from the new device. There are four colours shown - green, blue, red and yellow - and they match the colour schemes of many of the other leaked shots, with only a white set missing.

It is widely reported that Apple will finally put paid to all the rumours and speculation when it holds a press event on 10 September to announce two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S - a minor update on its current premium handset - and the iPhone 5C - a cheaper device that will come with a plastic shell. Both new phones will be loaded with iOS 7, that's the one thing we can take for granted.

Until then we fully expect to hear and see far more about the phones, and all we can say is keep an open mind in the meantime.