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(Pocket-lint) - The budget iPhone, which many have taken to calling iPhone lite, has been rumoured and speculated on for a while now, with purported casings and rear shells appearing in numerous pictures coming out of China. But most of the photos we've seen here on Pocket-lint have left us feeling, well, as if the whole hoo-hah is a hoax.

now a video has been posted on YouTube, in Full HD 1080p no less, that looks far more convincing than anything we've seen so far. We're not saying it's the real deal - we have no way of knowing that - but there is a sign or two that it's not just a poorly made fake.

Some of the casings we've seen in the past had a strange, overprinted iPhone logo on the rear. In recent times, the iPhone logo has been in a fairly narrow font. The original iPhone had thicker, bolder lettering and the leaks so far have mirrored this.

The shell in the video posted by DetroitBORG is different. Its iPhone logo is more in keeping with the modern look on the rear of Apple's handsets and apes iOS 7 more.

We also think that the inner workings of the casing are rather elaborate for a fake. That's not to say extra effort  hasn't been put into making a more convincing dummy, but it just looks better than any we've seen before.

In many ways, we hope this is genuine. It hasn't had its holes cut out yet, for the volume or mute button, but the design looks classic and less plasticky than other efforts. In fact, it looks much like the rear case of the iPhone 3GS and we can all remember how much we liked that.

If popular rumour is to be believed, we shouldn't have too long to wait to find out more.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 25 July 2013.