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(Pocket-lint) - Pocket-lint has looked the Ted Baker range of smartphone and iPad cases a couple of times before, and the Barbour range also made by Proporta, but with a new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection now available it's time for a revisit.

It's not really feasible to see every new case in the line-up, but we have managed to get our hands-on a good cross section of them. They have essentially the same feel and technical design as the previous editions in the range, but with new patterns and prints. In addition, the cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been introduced, so we've had a look at two of those, along with new designs for iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad third and fourth generation.

Pocket-lintted baker ipad ipad mini iphone and samsung galaxy s4 cases by proporta hands on with aw13 range image 18

The iPad models in particular stick to Proporta's method of providing the rear shell and giving you access to the magnet running down the left-hand side of the device. That way, you can still use an official Apple Smart Cover, while knowing you also have the back covered.

Like all of the cases, the plastics used feel durable and sturdy, but with a soft, velvety touch on the outside. It's very pleasant to hold an iPad mini while reading when it's cased in the Ted Baker shell. They also fit snugly around the outside and you never feel like they are going to detach. They are also very light, adding almost no extra weight.

We coupled our iPad mini with the "Thetime" print Ted Baker rear and a grey polycarbonate Smart Cover on the front and they look well suited.

Pocket-lintted baker ipad ipad mini iphone and samsung galaxy s4 cases by proporta hands on with aw13 range image 7

The Samsung Galaxy S4 cases almost have an even greater purpose, considering some don't like the feel of the battery cover on the device itself. We adorned our phone with the "Bloomer" and "Chessam" designs and they make the phone feel like an entirely different device. Almost raising the quality bar, and helping the flagship Android phone feel a bit more flagship.

There are plenty of other designs for iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad and SGS4 in the collection.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 cases retail for £29.95 each, as do the shells for the iPhone 5. Prices for the iPad mini and iPad cases are £34.95 and £39.95 respectively.

Check out the Proporta website for more on these and other cases in the Ted Baker range.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 July 2013.