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(Pocket-lint) - It's hard to know what's real and what isn't with the numerous budget iPhone "leaks" that have been spilling on to the web of late. Pocket-lint is still a little wary of the coloured iPhone shells that many claim to be the real deal, mainly because they look, for want of a better word, cheap. And not, cheap as in budget, cheap as in 99p Store.

However, another picture of the self-same casings has appeared, but with some new and intriguing gossip to boot. If the latest rumours from China are to be believed, there will be not one but two different iPhone lite devices available.

Allegedly codenamed Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone, they are purported to be coming at slightly different price points. The cheaper one, Zenvo, is claimed to have a "H5P dual-core processor" made by Samsung (Apple's iPhone deal with Samsung isn't due to end until next year, and may continue anyway). The strange and surprisingly poorly put-together Power Point-style presentation sheets that have leaked also claim that it will have 1GB of RAM and support FDD 4G and Bluetooth 4.0.

The slightly more expensive of the two, going under the names Zagato and/or Bertone, is said to support TDD 4G LTE and will feature a H6P processor instead.

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Phone Arena suggests that there have been so many similar leaks recently that where there is smoke, there must be fire. We disagree, there could also be a cigar-chomping factory boss laughing maniacally at all the publicity his tatty plastic cases are getting.

We'll leave it to you to decide.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 July 2013.