Google has sold out of the white Nexus 4 after initial orders of the limited-edition handset flew off the shelves.

That's nothing unusual, but those whowere still to make up there mind as to whether they wanted to Nexus device, bad news - Google has   isn't going to be making any more.

"Nexus 4 with Bumper (White, 16GB) is no longer available for sale," it says, if you navigate to the original Google Play store page - links to the white listing have been removed from the store completely.

white nexus 4 not only sells out but is now no longer available image 2

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The white Nexus 4 was available in both 8GB and 16GB variants from Google Play for $299 (£197) and $349, respectively, which is the same pricing as the original black version.

Aside from the colour, the model featured the same specs as the black version.

Google is still selling the black model.