Rumours of a plastic, budget iPhone have persisted throughout 2013 and a new picture coming out of China adds further fuel to the flames.

Sent to French website Nowhereelse, the photograph was allegedly taken by a source inside a Chinese manufacturer working with Apple and shows a series of rear shells for what is claimed to be the new, colourful, entry-level iPhone. Similar pictures have appeared before, showing yellow, red and green versions of a similar-looking casing, but they are now joined by a blue and a white one.

After the previous images appeared, MacRumors even had mock-up design renders made which show what the budget iPhone might look like, should these cases be the real deal.

multicoloured budget iphone reportedly snapped in china image 3

 But that's the problem, really, as there is no additional evidence to suggest they aren't just fake parts made by a factory for the hookier side of the tech market. They do look cheap and plasticky after all, and not typically Apple. And there is none of the information or iconography that usually appears underneath the iPhone brand on the rear.

Let's just say that you should keep that salt shaker handy at all times. You never know when a pinch or two might be required.