A supposed image of the iPhone 5S frontplate has appeared on the internet and from the look of it, Apple won't be changing its design. The phone, which should launch alongside iOS 7, appears to adopt the same looks as the current-generation iPhone, not breaking from Apple's trend toward smartphone design updates every two years.

While it isn't hugely exciting on the face of it, Apple has moved about parts on the inside of the phone, which should translate to added space for more-powerful or new hardware - say NFC or a bigger camera unit.

The pictures, if true, could mean that production for the new iPhone 5S has already begun. What's perhaps more exciting is that BGR has optioned pictures of other parts, in particular a SIM tray which features a slightly different colour scheme. This could mean a new set of iPhone colours available when the handset ships.

Traditionally Apple rolls out its new iPhone around September or October time, so expect the 5S to turn up about then. Whether or not it will look the same or come in different colours, remains to be seen.