If you've been pulling your hair out at the awkwardness of notifications on Windows Phone, then you may be in luck, as an accidentally leaked future build of Microsoft's mobile OS might reveal the future.

Posting on Reddit, user ChinaMan28 reportedly purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 off eBay and found it to contain "a bunch of weird apps", before going on to detail a range of changes with accompanying images posted to Flickr.

The Reddit posts make for interesting reading, even if the Flickr images seem to be gone, but not before they were snaffled by The Verge, which also claims the software here is an early version of Windows Phone Blue.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the leak, if genuine, is the new approach to notifications, but you can also see calendar tweaks, as well as options to manage the order of apps, so it's easier to find those apps you use frequently if you've opted not to pin.

The range of apps listed make this appear very much as if it's a dev device for someone working on the future of Windows Phone, or an aspect thereof, so it looks like there could be plenty of goodness coming in a future update to Windows Phone.

Microsoft previously confirmed at the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925 in May that the next update, dubbed DGR2, would be landing in summer, so these features may be even further in the future.