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(Pocket-lint) - Multitasking just took an awkward nosedive into the point of no return thanks to a new smartphone holder by Perpetual Kid. 

The self-touted "wildest fantasy" Cell Phone-Holder Party Cup, which is purportedly better than Johnny Depp, a gaggle of kittens, and a giant box of pop tarts combined, essentially lets that weird guy in the corner simultaneously drink and play on his phone.

"Now you can easily take a selfie while checking in on Foursquare, updating your Facebook status and tweeting about how you made and are currently drinking the best drink ever from that recipe you re-pinned last week," wrote Perpetual Kid on its website.

It works like this: Fill the cup-holder with orange juice or whatever liquid treat is around, slip a smartphone into the straw holder, switch into anti-social mode on overdrive, load YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/or some other voyeuristic social network, and find a dark place with nobody around to converse with. 

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It's a perfect gadget holder for those with no friends and those who want to look like they have friends. As Perpetual Kid said: "A drinking straw phone stand with a double-walled tumbler underneath? Um... Yes, please!" 

The Cell Phone-Holder Cup is not compatible with dumb phones, measures 5.5-inches tall by 3.5-inches wide, holds 16 ounces of anything and everything, and costs just $8.99 (£5.90). No batteries required.

Writing by Elyse Betters.