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While we've already seen glimpses of the Nexus 4 in white before, a new video leaked to the web on Tuesday gives us an up close look. Obviously, there doesn't appear to be anything more than a white shell on the device - no new features that should have us thinking the smartphone world is about to change. However, we have to say, it's pretty.
On the back of the device, you'll see a white coat of paint with the same shiny pattern of the black Nexus 4. But LG has taken a two-toned route, by keeping the front of the device traditional black. The video takes you on a tour of the device, showing the white has the same feel as the white on Apple's line of iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy line.

(Pocket-lint) - While the white version of the Nexus 4 has continuously popped up on the web since the black Nexus 4's launch last year, there's no hint of a release date. An update to the Nexus 4 is said to be coming at Google I/O on Wednesday, adding a LTE and 32GB storage variant to mix. However, there's been no indication that the white version will make an appearance.

This latest leak comes from TechView, which got a look at the white model at a Qualcomm booth at a conference in Dubai. Given Qualcomm was showing it off, this makes us think the white version could be hitting shelves soon. Furthermore, another person in The Verge forums scored a look at the back of the white device, which had the same FCC identifier as the black model.

At any rate, Google's three-hour keynote on Wednesday should be an interesting one. Keep it locked to our Google hub for the latest.

Writing by Jake Smith.