Google and the inner team at Motorola have already made plenty of promises for upcoming smartphones. Now, we might just have our first look at the next-generation of handsets out of the Mountain View-based company - with one in particular in a new leak. 

Famed leakster @evleaks has posted four pictures on Twitter of a Motorola handset inner-wrapped in a black case, most likely for testing/shielding purposes. It is reportedly headed for AT&T, though no other specific details were provided. The most surprising revelation is the Nexus 4-like design. 

Speaking to PC Mag in April, Jim Wicks, Motorola's chief of design, said there had been a lot of collaboration between Google and Motorola on anticipated devices. "We've been spending the past eight months on this next generation of phones, and we've all seen positive feedback and collaboration around things," Wicks told the publication.

Wicks added that the Motorola handsets would run stock Android and that the devices would be smaller and more comfortable in the hand. In January, several publications reported on a rumoured X Phone, and the outlying theme that it would be crafted by Motorola with heavy Google branding, though not an official Nexus device. Rumours have further indicated a 5-inch edge-to-edge screen, but given Wicks's comments that may not be the case. 

"Motorola has a great set of products, but they're not really like 'wow' by Google standards. Dennis Woodside and his team have inherited 18 months of pipeline that we have to drain right now," Google's CFO Patrick Pichette said in February. The next generation of devices has been hyped by the company. 

There's no word on when the handset will launch, but you can bet we'll keep an eye out for it at Google I/O.