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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has released updates to its iOS and Android apps, improving the overall user experience with a few subtle changes. Most notably, both platforms have received trends for more than100 new locations, filtering out popular topics being discussed in a specific area. This is most useful for breaking-news topics, so you're not bogged down by everything else in your timeline. 

For the iOS app specifically, it has been given an update for a smoother experience, ironing out a few bugs with fixes, according to Twitter. Furthermore on iOS, you can now invite friends to join Twitter from within the app and replies to retweeted Tweets include both the author and person who retweeted the Tweet. Lastly, you'll notice improved playback on the those six-second Vine videos you just can't stop watching. 

The update to the Android app is more minor. Beyond the routine bug fixes to improve overall performance, you can switch which Twitter account you're using by accessing the menu. You'll also find the menu button front and centre, tucking the accounts and settings inside. 

Last month was Twitter for Android's shining moment, when it got a much needed overhaul to include a refreshed, more-native look and feel. Things got lighter, with more distinct sections across the top that you can quickly swipe between. The fonts are lighter too, so visually, it was a nice refresh.

While on the subject of Twitter, it's worth noting on Tuesday that Vine updated their iOS app with front-facing camera supportAll you need to do is hit an icon in the bottom left of the camera section of the app to switch to your smartphone's front camera.

You can download the updated apps from the App Store and Google Play.

Writing by Jake Smith.