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(Pocket-lint) - Budget airline EasyJet has announced mobile check-in and boarding passes within its easyJet app, available on both Google Play and the App Store. Now when flying EasyJet, you won't need to print out your flying information - you can simply launch it on your smartphone. 

To start, EasyJet's mobile initiative will come as a customer trial at six airports: Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nice, Southend and Stansted. Fliers can use mobile boarding passes at the bag drop desks, security checkpoints and gate, and when boarding the aircraft. Once your boarding pass is downloaded to your smartphone, you won't need a network connection to access it. 

For iOS 6 users, the boarding pass can be added to Passbook. However if you have the app for iOS and Android, you can check-in up to two hours before you fly and see which flights you still need to check-in for.

Multiple boarding passes on one device is still not available, though the airline says it will be adding it to the trial soon, along with a mobile web version that Windows Phone and BlackBerry users can access. EasyJet warns that if you're flying from an airport that isn't in the trial, you'll need to print out a paper boarding pass. 

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This week EasyJet got rid of check-in desks and is instead asking fliers to check-in through the mobile app or online before arriving at the airport. The check-in desks will be made into quicker bag drop areas. However, fliers who forget to check-in will still be able to do so and won't be penalised.

Writing by Jake Smith.