Accessory company Mophie has announced a new juice pack aimed at the HTC One, providing not only protection against drops to the smartphone, but also a full battery charge when out and about. 

We're quite the fans of Mophie here at Pocket-lint, and the juice pack for the HTC One looks pretty solid. Mophie is promising an ultra-thin and lightweight design with its HTC One juice pack that allows customers to charge on demand. You'll find a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can charge the HTC One's battery to full capacity. 

Like its iPhone and Galaxy S3 version, Mophie has included a toggle switch that allows for a standby mode or charge mode with a flip of a switch. On the back there is at-a-glance battery status, thanks to a vertical, four-light LED status indicator that displays the amount of charge available and blinks to indicate levels of power when the case is charging. 

The juice pack offers a pass-through USB system that allows you to charge and sync the smartphone and juice pack at the same time. There's no need ever to remove the juice pack, which we found pretty convenient on the iPhone version. 

Mophie has made the juice pack for the HTC One available in either black or silver, to match your handset, for $99.95 (£65) at and at select retailers (no UK pricing has been provided). Pocket-lint has been sent a review unit, and we'll give our full opinions soon.