Stop motion on mobile is nothing new, the likes of Vine have made it possible for quite some time now. What is new is a 500 smartphone stop-motion video.

Inspired by the Matrix and put together by Korean smartphone manufacturer Pantech, the video uses a phone called Vega No 6, which isn't available to buy in the UK.

On the back of the phone is a 13-megapixel camera along with a clever touchpad, not unlike Sony's PlayStation Vita, which lets you operate the handset without touching the screen.

It uses 500 of the phones to create the backdrop for the stop-motion animation. The screens on the handsets double up as everything from buildings to the sky. It took three weeks to make with more than1,600 paper characters animated over 170 hours of footage.

Pantech is known for its inventive approach to smartphone design. The manufacturer also uses EyeSight tech, which we took a look at last year. The technology allows you to control your smartphone via gestures, not unlike those included in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Think of it as Microsoft's Kinect on your mobile.