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(Pocket-lint) - Continuing its trend of experimenting with the weird and wacky, Fujitsu has now come up with some clever camera tech that can read your pulse.

Keep still and the camera should pick up your pulse in just five seconds. Amazingly it works by detecting haemoglobin in your blood, which absorbs green light. It then measures variations of brightness and tells you your pulse rate.

It takes five seconds to do and works with any camera on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This isn't the first fun concept Fujitsu has come up with. At MWC the company was showing off a hi-tech walking stick and a clever augmented reality keyboard.

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The GPS walking stick had us particularly excited, simply because it could revolutionise the lives of outdoor types. Giving directions and monitoring your health at the same time, it is the first in what looks to be a long line of experimental health gadgetry from Fujitsu.

The camera tweak for pulse reading could theoretically be used as an alternative to some current medical methods. Being able to see the flow of blood and read your pulse, we imagine it could be used to see where people have circulatory issues.

The tech also means those who need to have their pulse monitored for long periods of time don't need to sit still or attach specialised equipment to themselves. It is simple and easy to use and could mean a big change for a standard medical process.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.