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(Pocket-lint) - A decade ago I did something brave. I registered the Pocket-lint domain name and launched what would become the largest independent gadget site in the UK.

Gosh, a lot has happened since then. Today we are 10.

In the past 10 years we've seen companies come and go, the rise of the smartphone, the rise of the tablet, the rise of apps, the decline of printers, the coming and going of the netbook - and plenty more in between.

When I launched the site on a cold February morning in 2003, digital cameras were still only 2-megapixels, there were no DSLR cameras - or certainly not for consumers - and 3G was only just being launched. Apple would take a further four years to launch the iPhone, and BlackBerry and Nokia ruled the roost.

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The site on launch day (thanks to WayBackMachine)

In the early days we spent our time reviewing gadgets like the Handspring Treo phone, the Rio Riot MP3 player and the Olympus C-350 - which was a cutting edge 3-megapixel camera, no, really.

Since then we've reviewed thousands of gadgets, written thousands of news articles and features, grown the team from just me to add another six of us working full-time, and done some great stuff in between.

We've been judges on The Apprentice, we've asked Steve Jobs a question, we've photographed the Queen for a review, raced in the Global Challenge boat race, and been to CES, MWC, E3 and IFA more times than we would care to mention.

We've also fought off a horde of zombies, cycled across Greece with Lawrence Dallaglio, skydived with the Samsung Galaxy S2, been flown to New York for an 8-minute interview with Dr Dre, and shaken Asimo and Qiro's hands.

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Stuart meets Asimo

In the first month we had a 1,000 visitors - most likely me and friends signing on to see the latest tech news and reviews alongside the odd feature about Lara Croft or how iTunes was only just coming to Windows.

Last month we had more than 4-million visitors coming to read a whole host of articles, news stories, features and reviews. Everything from breaking exclusives about Facebook, HTC, Sony and others, to giving you the most comprehensive lowdown on the latest bits of kit.

But for me it's much more than just numbers. It's about the experience, about delivering a fun, enjoyable read every time you visit the site - and that's something we continue to strive for day in, day out.

Today we are starting our birthday celebrations that will continue for the next 10 months.

We have lots planned: a party later in the year, a series of articles looking back over the first 10 years and forward to the next 10 years to come, and plenty more on top of that. There are also some new things we are working on that we can't tell you about just yet.

When I started the site 10 years ago, I didn't understand the full magnitude of what I was creating, of the impact we would have on the industry, of the fun I would still be having 10 years later.

All I can hope is that we will continue to deliver and grow on your expectations of us over the next 10 years. To be there to bring you the latest news on the iPhone 15, or better still gadgets and technologies we've not even heard of yet.

A decade ago, when I started Pocket-lint there was a sense that everything was only getting started, 10 years later, I feel that the past 10 years have merely been a warm-up.

Here's to tomorrow.

Writing by Stuart Miles.