Although there must be simpler ways of destroying counterfeit smartphones, there's something endearing about the method chosen by the courts in the Amur region of Russia - first run them over using a bulldozer, then burn the debris. Ha. That'll teach 'em.

After a Chinese man was found guilty of smuggling 127 fake iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S phones - worth an estimated $36,500 -  they were confiscated. Police then used a method usually reserved for pirated discs.

They scattered them on the ground, had them crushed underneath an excavator in front of a gathered crowd of witnesses and representatives of the court, and then burnt the bits that were left over in a nearby boiler room. And the whole event was filmed for posterity.

The defendant had claimed the phones were genuine, but didn't have any documentation to prove it. And what was his punishment (apart from having his consignment decimated)? His fine was $65. A mighty deterrent for future smugglers, we think you'll agree.

Not your typical unboxing video, granted...