Fulton Innovations has shown off a new technology at CES in Las Vegas on Monday that will let you steal power from one device to prolong the life of the battery of another. 

The technology, which works wirelessly, will allow you share the battery life of devices with others as long as they are fitted with the same wireless charging tech. 

Demoing the technology, the company showed how a Samsung Galaxy tablet fitted with the new tech was able to charge a Samsung smartphone without the need for plugs or separate chargers. 

The idea is that those who carry multiple gadgets can opt to deplete the battery in one to give them more juice in another. That could be really handy if your phone battery is about to die, but your tablet still has plenty of power. 

fulton two way wireless charging tech lets you steal battery life from your gadgets image 4

Although reluctant to tell us when the technology would be available for manufacturers to put in the latest gadgets, Fulton's man suggested the technology already worked and it was only a matter of time. One of the main boundaries is getting the tech approved as a standard within the Qi Wireless technology remit. 

Currently Fulton's wireless technology partners include Qualcomm, Nokia and others - the most famous being the new Lumia range announced in September. 

In the flesh and the system works as described with a message flashing up on screen to let you know that one of your device is literally sucking the life blood out of another.