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(Pocket-lint) - Corning has improved its toughened screen glass, used by many mobile phone and tablet manufacturers. Gorilla Glass 3 will be three-times more durable when it comes to on-screen scratch resistance, resulting in 40 per cent fewer visible scratches than with Gorilla Glass 2. It's also claimed that the technology has a 50 per cent boost in retained strength after flaws develop.

The company will be demonstrating its new glass tech at the forthcoming CES 2013 trade show in Las Vegas (starting 8 January). It will also be highlighting how Gorilla Glass could be utilised in gadgetry and kit outside of the traditional smartphone and tablet.

Corning believes that Gorilla Glass 3 could be adopted in 3D TVs and multi-touch large screen displays. It would certainly be useful if you've got small kids in the house. Armed with crayons.

The company will also be showing its optical cable solutions. "This year at CES, Corning will demonstrate its industry leadership in speciality glass and fibre optic technologies with the introduction of two products designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of consumers’ favourite devices," said Wendell P. Weeks, chairman, chief executive officer, and president.

"These new innovations build on the increasingly important and continually evolving role of highly engineered glass technologies in delivering improved product performance and functionality through touch capabilities, protective cover glass, and device connectivity."

Pocket-lint will be at CES in Las Vegas in force in order to bring you more.

Writing by Rik Henderson.