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(Pocket-lint) - We've all seen mobile "Mi-Fi" hotspots before, with many of the networks even selling their own branded devices on data plans, but never has Pocket-lint encountered such an incredibly enticing deal as the Globalgig hotspot device, launched today.

Powered by Voiamo, it counters the problem of incurring massive data roaming charges when in the US or Australia by including access in those countries as part of the same monthly payments. Basically, for one price, you can use the 2G and 3G hotspot in the UK, US and Australia, making it perfect for business and leisure travel alike.

Prices start at £15 a month for 1GB of data. You can step up if necessary, to 3GB for £25 a month, 5GB for £35. The device itself will cost a one-off payment of £79.

globalgig mobile hotspot offers same price to surf in uk us and australia image 6

The deal works because of selected partnerships in each of the relevant countries: Three in the UK, Sprint in the US and Optus in Australia. This means that Globalgig is not a roaming device, but works more like a localised mobile hotspot in each territory.

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It can be used as the internet hub by up to five devices at once, including anything capable of a Wi-Fi connection - smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Key European countries will be added to its reach over the coming months. Parent company Voiamo also plans to launch a voice service, which will offer cheap calls abroad running off local networks.

You can find out more about and purchase Globalgig from the dedicated website (www.globalgig.com). It will also be available on Amazon.co.uk.

Writing by Rik Henderson.