Every tech-lover will have something smartphone related on their wish lists this Christmas. A new phone is certainly an exciting thing to find in your stocking, but why not make it even more special?

Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint is all about doing just that. We want to help bring a special twist to any present. Below is the best of what we have discovered in customisable smartphone accessories.

Photobox personalised iPhone case

Photobox has already earned its stripes in the world of photo printing. Now moving to iPhone cases, the website has a great deal set-up for those who want to make a unique case for the recipient's handset.

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Crucially it's doing them for the iPhone 5, which we expect to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year. Printing can be a simple colour, a photo or a selection of shots. The printed goes all the way around the case, even along the sides. In a quality scratch-resistant finish, they feel premium too. Cases cost £21.99 and can be delivered in two days. Grab one here.

Custom made application

Okay, this one might sound a bit complicated, but isn’t really. Website ShoutEm has a fantastic app-creation engine that is very easy to use. You can select from pre-made templates and then populate the app with whatever content you want.

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It could be a series of photos of you and your friends, something Christmas themed or even an interactive letter or postcard, and costs around £27 a month. You can try it for free first to see if it's your thing. The apps can also be made for multiple platforms, so you can download them on to whatever smartphone you are giving, for a truly unique feel.

Smartphone engraving

This one is slightly obvious but, done right, will add a really special look to your mobile Christmas present. PakThat uses a very high-powered and accurate laser to cut pretty much any design into the tablet.

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There aren’t any prices listed simply because cost depends on exactly what sort of engraving you want. It is possible to engrave the entire back of your phone, depending on the material. Be inventive, do things like emboss a photo on to the rear or leave a special message for your loved one.