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(Pocket-lint) - Debenhams has launched a new clothing range known as C.Vox (Communiqué Vox) that will allow you to hook-up your phone or MP3 player for calling and music on the move.

The range consists of jackets, gilets and hoodies for adults and children and lets you connect your device. It offers controls, a speaker and mic, with cable routing to keep your headphones tidy and fuss-free.

There is a connection point in the pocket for your phone or music player, with controls integrated into the fabric of the garment so you can play/pause and skip tracks, as well as take calls, without having to dig out your device.

The entire thing is machine washable, so it doesn't matter if it gets wet either.

Of course, you can do the same with an inline remote on your headphones, but the idea here is to keep everything tidied away and avoid that flapping wire ugliness.

debenhams c vox clothing offers handsfree calling and music image 5

Debenhams is pushing the C.Vox garments as a way to conceal your device if you are worried about being mugged for it. Practically, we think it'll appeal to anyone wanting the convenience of having controls at their fingertips to avoid fiddling with a cable remote.

We're less sure about the integrated speaker. If you have headphones then do you really need a speaker? Is this so you can turn your jacket into a speakerphone or just to appease those kids who only want to play music out loud? 

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Whichever it is, you'll find that Debenhams is stocking the C.Vox range now, with pieces starting from £65 for the adult garments. 

Debenhams is claiming a world's first with the system, but similar technology has been available in garments, particular ski and snowboarding wear such as the Burton Audex, for the past decade, although not always machine washable.

Writing by Chris Hall.