Tesco has launched a UK-wide initiative to make buying a smartphone easier for those over the age of 50, after research showed that older shoppers are more daunted by the prospect of buying a mobile phone than going to the doctors or their bank manager.

Tesco Phone Shop talked to many customers in the over-50s category and 48 per cent said they felt "baboozled by jargon used by technology store staff". It has, therefore, created the Super Silvers, a nationwide "hit squad" of older mobile phone experts who can talk to their peers in jargon-free terms.

There are eight in the squad at present, including Arthur Gardner, Peter Statham and Jean Thomas, the the last of them having worked for Tesco for 29 years and the Tesco Phone Shop for the last 11 months. She applied because she loves technology and claims she "would not be able to live without her iPad".

It's certainly a lucrative market if the Super Silvers can help entice the grey pound. Tesco's research also found that more than two thirds of the over-50s it quizzed thought it was important to keep up to speed with the latest tech and 54 per cent of all those asked said they enjoyed learning about new advancements.

Long gone are the days when you'd be scared to let your nan near the TV remote control.