It's not real of course, but that hasn't stopped one fanboy playing on the idea first promoted by Apple for the new iPad mini advert and enhancing it to include the entire iDevice line-up and an unannounced product too: the iMac touch.

The advert starts in the same way as the new iPad mini advert, with a hand playing Chopsticks on an iPad, before moving on to an iPad mini.

The new fake advert

In the real world, the advert finishes there, but in this homage the tune continues, bringing in some higher notes on an iPhone 5, before adding some even higher notes on an iPod nano.

The final reveal however appears to be a huge tablet, before the camera pans back to reveal that the finger is actually playing a grand piano on an iMac touch. Funny. 

The original iPad mini advert

Yes we know it goes against everything Apple has talked about and how the idea of reaching out in front of you to touch a screen is supposedly "not the way to do it", but we couldn't help give a little chuckle when we watched it.

Well done LaughPong.