(Pocket-lint) - You carry them everyday, but just how heavy are the latest smartphones on the market? Here at Pocket-lint, we wondered just how much heavier the Nokia Lumia 920 is compared to the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

When you have a couple of grams here, or a few grams there, it is hard to actually compute that into something tangible. To get a real grasp of weight sometimes you need to visualise it. 

First we thought of butter, but if you haven't been watching the Great British Bake Off a pile of butter isn't going to be useful at all, but a pocketful of coins is. 

The British pound (GBP) coin weighs 9.5 grams and is something most of us have in our pocket. It can also help us to assess different weights easily, because you just add or take away coins. 

For this quick, very unscientific test we've gathered together the weights of the leading smartphones and then divided that number by 9.5. We told you it was simple. 

So we don't get thrown in the clink for high treason if the end number is a point, we've simply rounded it up to the next pound coin. To make it fair we've done this for all the phones listed below. So in the case of the iPhone 5 that weighs 112 grams it becomes 12 coins rather than 11.78 coins. 

So here are the top smartphones available in the UK as visualised by pound coins:

The iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 (review) is the lightest of the current batch of mainstream smartphones available and it weights 112g or 12 pound coins. 

The Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S III (review) weighs in at 133g or 14 pound coins

The Nokia Lumia 920

The flagship Windows Phone 8 phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, weighs in at 185g. That's 20 quid to you and me. 

The HTC One X+

The new One X+ Android flagship from HTC weighs in at 135g. That's 15 coins for those counting. 

The HTC 8X

HTC's Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone, the HTC 8X (review), is considerably lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920. It weighs only 130g and that's the equivalent of 13.6 pound coins, or 14 coins to fit in with this visualisation. 

The Nexus 4

Want to go with the latest Android 4.2 rocking smartphone? Be prepared to make room for around 15 pound coins in your pocket if you opt for the Nexus 4 (pictures and hands-on). Incidentally, it's the same as the HTC One X+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It's one of the biggest smartphones, or should that be one of the smallest smartphones on the market, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (review) weighs in just less than the Lumia 920 at 183g. It's still 20 coins though. 

iPad 4

To give you a sense of how heavy your smartphone is compared to the iPad 4 (pictures and hands-on). It weighs 652 grams and that's the equivalent of putting 68 pound coins in your pocket. That's a lot of coins. 

So how heavy is too heavy for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Writing by Stuart Miles.