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(Pocket-lint) - Moo.com is revamping the way in which we use business cards, by implementing an NFC microchip which, when tapped with a compatible smartphone, will highlight far more information than just your name and email address. 

The problem with a business card is there’s only so much information you can fit on it. The Moo NFC business cards can be preprogrammed to provide the recipient with far more details such as links to your blog, specific web pages, locations on maps or even apps and music videos. Moo even suggest you could be able to offer those you tap with free stuff if they come to visit you again. 

The idea is that you’ll be able to share as much, or as little information as you choose with your peers by simply tapping the card with an NFC-enabled handset. 

Moo’s NFC business cards - designed by Luxe Business Cards - won’t be rolled out to the masses until 2013, but the first 150,000 customers to place an order now will receive a complimentary NFC-enabled card as part of an open beta test. 

Moo.com, whose background is in printing, is embracing the digital space. As well as its NFC business cards, Moo has recently acquired Flavors.me, a website that enables you to bring all your social networks, blogs and online presence into one customisable portal.

Writing by Danny Brogan.