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(Pocket-lint) - The iPhone 5 is released on Friday 21 September and fanboys are getting into a froth. There's the usual queuing malarkies - with some even camping outside Apple Stores for more than a week. And there's a rush for bragging rights as some pre-orders may even arrive a day early.

However, for the Apple fanboy who wants to lord it over all others in celebrating his upgrade to the iPhone 5, there's nothing better than a Swarovski Crystal Steve Jobs iPhone 5 case.

Currently on offer through gadget retailer Gizmine, the case features the late Jobs in one of his most iconic poses, the one that appeared on the front of Walter Mossberg's biography. Yes, when replicated using sparkly crystals it does look like he's smoking a pipe, but surely that just adds to the visionary's mystique?

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Gizmine is current giving an estimated lead time of three to four weeks for delivery of the case, so eager beavers won't be able to swaddle their new handsets on day one, but if you haven't ordered your iPhone 5 from the online Apple Store yet, it's probably a good bet that the phone and case will arrive at roughly the right time.

The Swarovski Steve Jobs iPhone 5 case costs $299.99 in the States, £187.36 excluding VAT in the UK. It's available from Gizmine,com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.