Apple announced the iPhone 5 yesterday with the claim that it was the world's thinnest smartphone.

Taking to the stage and introducing the new iPhone, Phil Schiller, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple, said: "iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone we've ever made."

Presenting in San Francisco, Schiller said the iPhone 5 was 7.6mm thick, 18 per cent thinner than the iPhone 4S, before claiming: "It's the world's thinnest smartphone."

the iphone 5 is not the world s thinnest smartphone image 2

The Motorola Razr comes in at 7.1mm (according to Moto's specs) and the Huawei Ascend P1 S claims 6.7mm, which on paper, makes them thinner.

However, the thing that the iPhone has in its favour is uniformity: it is 7.6mm along the length of the glass and aluminium slab, where both the Huawei and Motorola devices have bumps.

Let's not split hairs about it though, we're talking about probably imperceptible differences in thickness. Besides, that hasn't stopped 20 million people running out to buy the oh-so-fat (8.6mm) Samsung Galaxy S III.

Schiller also said the iPhone 5 was "the most beautiful product we have made to date, bar none". Check out our hands-on photos and decide for yourself.

You can watch the entire Apple press event right here.