Just how good is the new camera on the iPhone 5? Apple has released seven images on its website showing us what we can expect, and pointing out that unlike the shots from Nokia promoting the Nokia Lumia 920, these really are "actual pictures taken with the iPhone 5".

We've reduced the size of the images to fit them on our pages, but you can view the full-size images on the Apple website.

While we can't 100 per cent vouch for the set-up, as to whether lighting and direction was used, the results look pretty good at first glance.

photos taken with iphone 5 show photographers have plenty to look forward to image 7

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature the camera as found in the iPhone 4S but with enhancements on the software and processing side of things.

A 3264 x 2448 resolution, f/2.4 lens with hybrid IR filter, dynamic low light and sapphire crystal cover, make it the best camera Apple has put together so far. iOS 6 also brings new image processing tech that should improve the ability of the iPhone 5 to process shots in low light. 

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On top of that there are things such as a new Panorama mode capable of a 28-megapixel image and shared Photo Streams in iOS 6. How it will compare with other cameraphones in the flesh, however, is yet to be seen. Apple's iPhone 4S didn't do too well in a recent test against the Lumia 920, the results of which can be seen here.

We will be making sure we put the iPhone 5's camera capabilities to the test when we publish our full review.