Even though we've told you what the announcement is going to be from Intel and Motorola on 18 September, the two companies are still keen to tease us about an edge-to-edge smartphone that removes the border around the screen to maximise the available space. 

The latest trick is a YouTube video that promises Edge-to-Edge speed, Edge-to-Edge power, and the chance to "say goodbye to boundaries".

"Motorola Mobility and Intel will take you to the edge with our latest announcement on 18.09.12," reads the blurb under the YouTube video.

The video gives away nothing, but that's okay, because we've already reviewed the US version of the new device, The Motorola Droid Razr M. While it sports different innards - the US version is available on Verizon and packs a Qualcomm processor - Pocket-lint has been told by Motorola spokespeople at the US event that the UK form factor will be the same. 

If you don't want to spoil the surprise, don't click on this link