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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft will add a Kid's Zone to Windows Phone 8 for those who want to be able to share their phone with their children without worrying that they will be sending your boss dodgy emails or tweeting to their followers random pictures of you getting out of the shower.

According to US gadget website The Verge, the new Kid's Corner "will be a separate Start screen environment designed for children to access apps, videos, games, and music that is shared by a parent".

According to the site: "Once Kid's Corner is activated, children can obtain full access to any games, music, videos, and apps that are enabled - including game scores and app passwords."

It has a number of screenshots proving the operating systems new feature.

"Kid's Corner is then deactivated by simply pressing the power button on the phone. Parents have the option to control the accent colour and name of the Kid's Corner through a customisation menu in the setup routine."

The feature isn't that far-fetched: Microsoft has announced similar parental features in Windows RT and Windows 8 that can restrict certain apps for certain users.

It also ties in with comments made in July by Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone. In an interview with Pocket-lint he told us that the company has so far showed only a minority of features aimed at consumers in Windows Phone 8 and that we could expect plenty more to be revealed in the run up to the launch later this year. Maybe this is just one of those new features we've been waiting for?

Writing by Stuart Miles.