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(Pocket-lint) - Photos have cropped up which purportedly show the motherboard of the next iPhone 5. A user has posted the images on the WeiPhone forum, while analysts have begun speculating on what clues they provide.

The biggest hint the motherboard images suggest is that we will be seeing a Nano-Sim in the iPhone 5. 9to5mac.com showed the images to iPhone specialist iDeviceGuys, which confirmed that the Sim card slot does appear smaller than that found in the iPhone 4S.

iphone 5 motherboard spotted but what does it tell us image 2

iDeviceGuys also said the image showed more antenna connections than appear in the iPhone 4S, which may suggest the next-gen iPhone 5 could indeed have LTE connectivity. It’s also alleged the motherboard shows the battery connector has five pins rather than the standard four found in the iPhone 4S.

Though any iPhone 5 speculation needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, the original poster of these images also posted photos of the iPhone 4S’s motherboard two months before the phone was unveiled. Those images indeed proved to be true.

There is also one photo that shows the alleged iPhone 5 motherboard lined up against what is said to be the back plates of the iPhone 5 - rumoured to be being unveiled on 12 September. Again, these match up, supporting the claims further.

We thought we were running out of iPhone 5 parts to be leaked on the web, having seen the back panels, glass display and even battery, but apparently there’s a whole lot more speculation to get through yet.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.