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(Pocket-lint) - Proporta’s TurboCharger Pocket Power is for that moment you absolutely need to send a text or make a quick call but have run out of battery. 

Next to running out of toilet roll and being 10p short for a carton of milk, little is more frustrating than seeing that last bar of battery disappear just as you’re about to make an important call.

proporta s phone charger can fit into your wallet literally image 2

Measuring just 7mm wide the Proporta TurboCharger Pocket Power is small enough to fit in a wallet – it can even be purchased with a leather money holder – and provides just enough of a top up to make a quick call or send a text.

"Offering Pocket Power to our customers is the natural next step given the long-term popularity of our TurboCharger range,” said Proporta’s Head of Product, Lynnette Pigmore. 

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“Perfect for that last-train-home phone call or when you've lost your mates at a festival and need an extra boost... and it slides easily into your wallet or purse too so you won't notice you've got it until you really need it."

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The Proporta TurboCharger Pocket Power, which is compatible with the iPhone and Samsung and HTC phones is available for £12.95, while the Power Wallet Bundle, which includes a leather wallet, costs £22.95. Both bundles can be purchased from Proporta.com.

Do you like the idea of a last resort charger that can fit in your wallet? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan.