Romotive has released a smartphone docking station, but rather than streaming your music or charging up battery levels like other run-of-the-mill docks, this bad boy turns your smartphone into a robot.

Compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy handsets, plug your phone into the Romo, download an app and you’ve got your very own R2D2, Wall-E or Johnny-Five.

Robot fans can either set the robotic dock with preset motion paths or control it manually by downloading another app to an additional smartphone or tablet device. 

Creating a preset path could, for example, see the robotic dock reversing and changing direction each time it hits a wall or unmoveable object. Utilise your smarpthone’s camera and you’ve even got yourself a mobile spy. 

The Romo robotic dock is available in blue and green and customers can buy one now for $149 from Romotive’s product page,

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