We could soon be experiencing glasses-free 3D screens that will enable more than one person to watch the screen without fear of distorting the image.

If you’ve ever tried to watch a 3D screen that doesn’t require you to wear glasses then you’ll know that, as three-dimensional as the experience might be, as soon as you move your head to an angle that’s not face on to the screen, the image goes out of sync. It makes watching anything 3D with friends and family very tricky.

However, Stream TV says that its Ultra-D technology eliminate these problems, and will be attempting to prove as much when TVs featuring its tech are rolled out in pubs and bars this summer.

Belushi's is one chain that will house the televisions in its bars as part of Stream TV’s “Summer of 3D”, but the manufacturer has its sights beyond filling drinking holes.

Stream TV says it will be introducing a 42-inch autostereoscopic LCD TV “for an affordable price” as well as tablets and a smartphone with a five-inch display later this year, all of which will feature the Ultra-D glasses-free 3D technology.

Have you tried out Stream TV's glasses-free 3D screens? What did you think?