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(Pocket-lint) - Music2Text is introducing a new way of downloading music using the old school tool that is texting. Music fans can simply text a name of a song to Music2Text and so long as the track is in its database it will be sent as a download to their phone.

The cost of tracks varies from free, 50p or £1 depending on how the charge decided by the artist - who in turn has to pay Music2Text £20 for the right to sell the track. After that the artist keeps any of the profits made from sales. 

Though the service is compatible with all smartphones, iPhone users will need to email the track to their iTunes library because of Apple’s restrictions on music downloads. Accompanying any downloads will also be information on how you can follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

The names of which songs are available will appear on promotional material such as posters, flyers and at gigs. 

As a start-up company expect Music2Text’s content to be limited to up and coming artists rather than established stars but it’s an interesting way for both smartphone users to consume new music and for artists to get their music heard. 

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Writing by Danny Brogan.