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(Pocket-lint) - In terms of home surveillance, security cameras don’t get much smaller than the Compro CS80, a camera roughly the same size as a business or credit card.

While larger security cameras often act as deterrents, smaller versions tend to go unnoticed and therefore are more likely to capture the wrongdoing.

The Compro CS80 features the “world’s smallest 2-megapixel cube network camera” but despite its minuscule credentials is packed with enough features to help protect your property or livelihood.

Triggered by motion sensors, the Compro CS80 is capable of capturing video at up to 1600x1200 resolution and at 15 frames per second (fps) with video compressed into H.264 and M-JPEG formats. 

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Should the camera detect something, users can program real-time SMS and email alert messages, while camera footage can be watched on either an iPhone or Android smartphone with the aid of an app or via a web browser. Users will also be able to zoom in to live video with the 10x digital zoom.

The Compro CS80 is also fitted with a built-in microphone so as well as recording any footage, it will also record as well as enable users to hear live audio. There’s no tricky installation process with the Compro CS80 simply needing to be plugged in via the boxed-in cable and the camera software installed. 

A wall bracket comes included with the Compro CS80 and though it’s not available from any UK specific retailers, the www.comprousa.com website provides details of where it can be ordered from. 

Do you use a security camera in your home? Would the Compro CS80 fit the bill? We want to know.

Writing by Danny Brogan.