It seems NFC technology is unable to handle the hustle and bustle of London’s Underground service, after it failed to impress during an extensive trial.

Despite Wi-Fi being introduced to underground stations in time for the London 2012 Olympics, using NFC technology on your smartphone to enter in and out of barriers proved too slow after tests were carried out.

“We have carried out tests on NFC in both 2008 and 2010,” Transport for London customer experience director Shashi Verma told 

“Unfortunately, during both of these tests, we found that the technology was not fast enough to complete the transaction in under 500 milliseconds, which we would require.” 

NFC is becoming an increasingly common feature among smartphones, with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X all sporting it. As well as being used to make mobile payments, many see the technology being used as a replacement for the Oyster card. 

However, if that’s to prove true, NFC will need to speed up.

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