We’ve been guilty of our own fashion faux pas over the years, but we still feel qualified enough to look down upon the Alphyn’s Delta415 Wearcom jeans, some denim attire with a built-in iPhone pocket.

For $160 you can have the pleasure of being able to glance down at your right thigh and have full access to your iPhone or other equivalent sized smartphone of 3 x 5 inch dimensions. The jeans have a zipped pocket patch so you won’t be a flashing beacon to potential muggers, unless you leave it open of course.

alphyn s delta415 wearcom ijeans fashion for the uber geek image 3

Once unzipped the iPhone’s screen remains fully accessible despite the transparent cover. Alphyn Industries claims its design comes from a “military heritage” and has opted for a “deep indigo blue” colour

How much for such a trend setting piece of clothing? Well the DeltaA415’s are available in sizes 28 to 38 and can be purchased from www.alphynind.com.

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