A fleet of taxis that enables users to log on to Wi-Fi while travelling can now be booked using a new mobile app called Wheely.

The fleet consists of a range of Toyota Priuses, which emits  25 per cent less carbon dioxide than standard road cars - so not only will you stay abreast of all your emails while on the go, you can also feel smug for being green.

The Wheely app, which is available for free on both the iPhone and Android smartphones enables users to book in advance, receiving a quote for the journey upfront. Once you’ve completed your journey you can leave feedback via the app such as how clean the cab was, or how friendly the driver seemed. 

Customers can track their route on the app as they are transported and best of all, Wheely promises an unbeatable taxi fare, claiming their services is approximately 40 per cent cheaper than black cabs and 37.5 per cent cheaper than Addison Lee.

Have you used Wheely? What did you think?