Rumours about a number of new features for iOS 6 have started to leak out of Apple's HQ in Cupertino, according to

Many of the new features that have already been demoed in Apple's new operating system OS X Mountain Lion will also make their way to the mobile phone OS, the site says, as Apple slowly joins the dots between the two.

While some are new, some we already expected to be making the leap from desktop to mobile, based on our time with Mountain Lion, and would be surprised if it didn't make the jump to iOS 6 as it is currently being dubbed.

"According to trusted sources, iOS 6 will include iCloud Tabs support, Mail VIPs and a simple, yet handy and so-far praised Notification Center enhancement," reports the Apple news site.

iCloud Tabs support is one of the features we've already hypothesised would be included. It will allow Mac users to carry on surfing on their iPhone or iPad by syncing the open tabs they have on their desktop browser.

Meanwhile Mail VIPs, again found in Mountain Lion, will let you filter your mail via people you've put in your VIP list.

A screen shot of a new Do Not Disturb feature that will let you turn off notification settings if you want to zone out all the possible noise, also features on the site. Added to Mountain Lion recently after Pocket-lint gave the idea to Apple, the feature will supposedly be found in the settings tab and work in a similar way to Airplane Mode.

Techcrunch is also wading in on the rumours game for iOS detailing that the Apple mobile OS will be finally getting build in Facebook support to match Twitter. 

"Now the two sides appear on the brink of formalizing the relationship. After much speculation, Facebook integration will indeed be baked into the latest version of iOS, we’ve learned," reports the industry blog. 

Other rumours surround the new OS update are that Siri will be coming to the iPad, having made a half-hearted appearance on the new iPad as a dictation aid when you need to type.

Again is reporting: "According to trusted sources, one of the tentpole iOS 6 features is Siri support on the iPad. Not just the Voice Dictation brought to the iPad with the third-generation models and iOS 5.1, but the complete Siri voice assistant."

If the site's source is right, the Siri assistant will be available only for the new iPad rather than all models in the range.

Apple is expected to detail the future of its operating systems for both its mobile devices and its laptop and Mac range at WWDC in San Francisco on 11 June. Pocket-lint will be bringing you all the latest news from the event as it happens.