A new secure mobile phone network has been introduced that enables parents to monitor whom their child speaks to, and when. Bemilo hopes to offer parents peace of mind in terms of eliminating potential cyber-bullying while ensuring they can remain in contact with their child at all times. 

According to a survey conducted by Bemilo, 85 pr cent of  UK children aged between seven and 16 own a mobile phone, with one in four claiming to have experienced some kind of virtual bullying, be it through social networks or text messages. 

Bemilo allows the bill payer (ie, mum and dad) to review all calls and SMS messages, blocking anyone they deem unsuitable and even presetting when their child can browse the web. 

Parents can also put a limit on how much children spend on their mobile while ensuring their child can always get hold of them even if they run out of credit.

All Bemilo account information is available through an external web page that can be accessed at any time via a computer or mobile. 

Calls will cost 10p per minute to landlines and other mobile phones, as will a text message, while browsing the web will be charged at 25p per MB. 

Bemilo’s tariff will be available to purchase from both bernilo.com and from The Carphone Warehouse from 28 May.

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