Apple fanboys are full of hot air aren't they? Well, that's lucky because they may soon be able to put it to good use - by charging their iPhones.

That's the thinking of concept designer Joao Lammoglia who has come up with the Aire Mask. The idea is that the mask, which looks a bit Hannibal Lecter-ish to be honest, uses your precious breath to power devices. It converts your exhales into energy, as per a wind turbine.

So you can wear it when you sleep, or even while you exercise. You wouldn't look mad at all.

aire mask breathes new life into your iphone image 3

"The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialised society make the use of gadgets increasingly common, either by necessity or hobby," Lammoglia explained.

"“Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources."

The AIRE Mask recently won a Design Concept award in the red dot international design competition although there are no plans at present to release it.

Still, pretty cool, don't you think?