"I once caught a fish 'this' big", as the phrase goes, but just how big is big? With the phones in our pockets getting bigger and bigger, we wondered how the leading handsets lined up against each other in the size stakes.

So we've done just that. Measured them against each other so you can see just how big or small some of these phones are.

Because screen resolutions on different computers vary so wildly, to work out just how big your phone is compared to others simply zoom in on the graphic in your browser to make the ruler at the top measure 15cm or - easier still - if you own one of the smartphones we've featured put it up against the screen and make the one in the graphic the same size.

Once you've done that you can then see just how big the new LG Optimus Vu is compared to the now rather tiny looking iPhone 4S.

Let us know in the comments if you want us to add more phones so you can see how they fair against the competition.

how big is your phone against the rest  image 3