Motorola is grabbing all the headlines today, first the US blessings on its Google deal, now leaked pictures of its first Intel handset. 

Boasting a design fairly similar to Moto's current lineup, the new phone - yet to be named - will be one of the first pieces of hardware to use Intel's Medfield platform. 

Until now Motorola has usually used Texas Instrament's OMAP processors in its phones. The new RAZR for example, features a TI OMAP 4430 chipset. 

There is pretty much little else known about the unnamed Moto phone, other than that it will have a new Motoblur interface and will feature a powerful camera. Rumours point to instant on capabilities and a 15 frame per second burst capture mode. 

We would expect to see more of the handset appearing at MWC this year. As soon as we have anything on the new Moto kit we will post. 

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